Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh, the Obscurity

I realize some of you must be frustrated with me. I've been going on and on about how I've started writing, yet most of you have no clue what I'm even writing about. This is your lucky break. Today, I will share the big secret. This is actually the query for my first book--the letter I will send to agents once I'm satisified my book is ready to be let loose on the world.

Book One is called Forbidden. And here's what it's about...

When seventeen-year old Ivy Hines envisioned her engagement with Mr. White—the most eligible gentleman in Jefferson, Texas—she never imagined a corpse would be in the room. The corpse of his dead bride. She never thought Mr. White would pull the engagement ring off the cadaver’s finger—a ring that would leech her spirit into Mr. White’s soul and cause him to live forever.  Christian, her pa’s hired help, showed up almost in time to stop the engagement. But he really didn’t need to. Ivy controlled the situation. She plunged a knife into Mr. White’s heart. Seemed like a simple solution. She just wished she’d known Mr. White could only be killed with one weapon—Cherubim’s flaming sword. In three days Ivy will become Mr. White’s next bride. She trusts Christian to help her find the blade, but he’s not telling her everything. He knows secrets about the sons of Adam and Eve, of two brothers who found the forbidden fruit and have been alive for centuries. Next time, Ivy will make sure she knows Mr. White’s true identity—the world’s first murderer.

Back to School and Sequoia Turns Four

The kids went back to school and Sequoia turned four--we have a lot to celebrate.

This is Phoenix and Sequoia on the first day of school. They were both excited. I was nervous, especially for Sequoia. She's the youngest in her class. After praying about it, I felt like sending her to pre-k would be the best thing to do. It took a leap of faith, but I let her go. After I picked her up from school, her teacher said she did really well. And Sequoia loved it. In true Sequoia fashion, she told me what all the other girls in her class were wearing, how their hair looked, and what color her teacher's toe nails were.

Yes, we'll have trouble in about ten years from now.

Sequoia had some assistance blowing out her candles--Phoenix plus army men.

Sequoia is wearing her favorite birthday present--her new clothes.

I mentioned we'd have trouble in a few years, right?

And to be fair, here is a picture of my big two-year old, Bridger, who is now my big buddy during the day. He has me all to himself.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Meeting Meg Cabot

Last night I had the most awesome opportunity to meet Meg Cabot, author of The Princess Diaries and nearly fifty other novels. Meg is so cool! But if you'd really like to know more and see pictures, please follow me on my new writing blog,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bridger Turns Two!

Phoenix, Sequoia, David, Bridger, and the tail end of our new kitten, Chester.

                                                  This little dude LOVES Thomas the Train.

                          Phoenix, Cousin Bella, Bridger, and Sequoia at Hodges Gardens in Florien, Louisiana.

Bridger turned two on the 29th and I cannot believe how fast this little boy has grown! Seriously, look at him. I was pregnant when we moved here. And now...

Bridger is one sweet little dude. His favorite phrase. "Sorry, Ma Ma!"

Yeah, he says it a lot. Even wen Phoenix or Sequoia are the culprits of my discipline.

I'd also like to plug my new blog.

It explains how a mom of three kids writes three books in less than a year. Actually, I'm not even sure how I do it, but you should visit my blog anyway. I'm planning to e-publish my first two books soon. Keep up with my blog to find out when!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

We're Back

The blog is working again! Although, I'm pretty sure you could have guessed that by now. I think Bridger has grown a foot taller since I posted last. Phoenix turned six, Sequoia lost a tooth (unnaturaly), Dave is still working insane hours and I am still raising kids and writing when I get the chance. I am actually on my third book now. I have had some success with getting an agent so I can publish, but I'm not there yet.
Life is dramatic sometimes but I can't complain. I have so many blessings I have a hard time keeping up with them.
We had a wonderful easter even though it rained all day. Luckily we had our easter egg hunt the week before. This picture was taken on Easter day after church.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blog Troubles

I know some of you have more blogging knowledge than me and I need help! Whenever I try to post pictures, my computer freezes and won't let me post. Also, if I sign out, I can't sign back in. I've been changing my password everytime. I posted my complaint with blogger and I'm waiting on a reply. I know my computer will post pics. because my sister in law was able to post pics. on my computer from her blog. I think maybe I missed an update or something but I can't be sure. Any advice would be awesome.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Apologizing again

I know, it's been way too long since I've posted. I even skipped Christmas, I'm sure that's some sort of sin in the blogging world. And I did try to post pictures three different times, my computer just won't cooperate with me. So this will be a black and white post, not as much fun, I know, but at least everyone still knows I'm alive!
Again, my excuse is writing. I finished my first novel and started my second. I'm half-way through actually. I love writing. I feel like I've found myself. I know that sounds awful corny. It's true though, I'm sure it's more than just a hobby.
As far as publishing goes, I don't have any hits yet. I'm still working on getting an agent. I'm patient though. It'll happen someday.
Thank you to all the friends who are reading this and still keeping up with me and my family. We are all doing well and happy!