Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back to School and Sequoia Turns Four

The kids went back to school and Sequoia turned four--we have a lot to celebrate.

This is Phoenix and Sequoia on the first day of school. They were both excited. I was nervous, especially for Sequoia. She's the youngest in her class. After praying about it, I felt like sending her to pre-k would be the best thing to do. It took a leap of faith, but I let her go. After I picked her up from school, her teacher said she did really well. And Sequoia loved it. In true Sequoia fashion, she told me what all the other girls in her class were wearing, how their hair looked, and what color her teacher's toe nails were.

Yes, we'll have trouble in about ten years from now.

Sequoia had some assistance blowing out her candles--Phoenix plus army men.

Sequoia is wearing her favorite birthday present--her new clothes.

I mentioned we'd have trouble in a few years, right?

And to be fair, here is a picture of my big two-year old, Bridger, who is now my big buddy during the day. He has me all to himself.

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Cassidy said...

I can't believe Sequoia is four! wow. Happy Birthday Sequoia!