Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bridger Turns Two!

Phoenix, Sequoia, David, Bridger, and the tail end of our new kitten, Chester.

                                                  This little dude LOVES Thomas the Train.

                          Phoenix, Cousin Bella, Bridger, and Sequoia at Hodges Gardens in Florien, Louisiana.

Bridger turned two on the 29th and I cannot believe how fast this little boy has grown! Seriously, look at him. I was pregnant when we moved here. And now...

Bridger is one sweet little dude. His favorite phrase. "Sorry, Ma Ma!"

Yeah, he says it a lot. Even wen Phoenix or Sequoia are the culprits of my discipline.

I'd also like to plug my new blog.

It explains how a mom of three kids writes three books in less than a year. Actually, I'm not even sure how I do it, but you should visit my blog anyway. I'm planning to e-publish my first two books soon. Keep up with my blog to find out when!


Briana said...

NO WAY! He can't be 2! I guess I believe you, but it's hard to believe! Happy Birthday Bridger!!

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Wow, how time flies when you are having fun! Happy B-day Bridger!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe Bridger is already 2!! That means Maddie and Deneka are soon to follow!! Nuts!! We know what to get him for Christmas, Thomas the Train =)