Sunday, July 26, 2009

Angels from Nashville

Beth and Randy, you guys are awesome! Dave's sister Beth and her husband Randy drove all the way from Nashville to cook meals, clean the house, do laundry, and most importantly, keep me company while Dave works his 80 hour week. I seriously would have gone out of my mind if I had to spend another week homebound. Thanks ya'll! You really are true lifesavers.
Baby Rowan, isn't he a cutie!
Four kids in the tub.
Sequoia, Phoenix, and cousin Mikayla.
Phoenix showing his muscles and Mikayla doing a princess pose. Don't forget Rowan and Quoia. Aunt Mavy also came to visit.

What We've Been Up To

Since my last post we've had family in town. Here are a few pictures of all that's been happening.
You'll have to zoom in to see what's happening in this one. We have a couple of wild rabbits that come hopping through the yard from time to time. This is Phoenix's attempt to catch dinner for us. Well he didn't catch the rabbit, but I guess he had fun trying.
Notice anything different about Q-Bear? She has hair! Slowly but surely it has been growing in, and blonde too.
I just liked this one. It looks like Sequoia has something very important to say to Phoenix.
Come on Dad, how tired are you really after that 80 hour work week?
Bridger rates this as his number one pillow. Thanks Paw-Paw!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

More baby pics.

I know I said I would post some more baby pictures so here are a few more. Brigder has been a wonderful baby so far (knock on wood.) They are so sweet at this age, they don't talk back!
About to leave for the hospital.
Sorry Dave, I've got you beat in the biggest belly contest.
Number three.
The brand new family of five. (That seems really big.)
My mom came for two weeks and helped out. She was a lifesaver!
Leaving the hospital.
Bright light!
Best buds.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

He's Here!

He's finally here! Bridger Vernon Grantham was born at 10:30 a.m. He's our big boy at 8lb. 7oz., 20 1/2" long. We just got home from the hospital, needless to say I am very tired but I did want to post a few pictures and let everyone know that I am doing well. The delivery went great. I had no complications, I got my epidural in time this time, I pushed twice and he was out. He's such a sweetheart and a true blessing from our Heavenly Father. I'll try to get a slide show up later so I can post more pics. but right now I'm just trying to take it easy.