Sunday, May 1, 2011

We're Back

The blog is working again! Although, I'm pretty sure you could have guessed that by now. I think Bridger has grown a foot taller since I posted last. Phoenix turned six, Sequoia lost a tooth (unnaturaly), Dave is still working insane hours and I am still raising kids and writing when I get the chance. I am actually on my third book now. I have had some success with getting an agent so I can publish, but I'm not there yet.
Life is dramatic sometimes but I can't complain. I have so many blessings I have a hard time keeping up with them.
We had a wonderful easter even though it rained all day. Luckily we had our easter egg hunt the week before. This picture was taken on Easter day after church.


Anonymous said...

YAY!! The blog is back up!!

Stormie said...

Such a cute picture! And so good to hear an update. I saw you just a couple weeks ago and I thought you said you were only on your 2nd book- now your on your 3rd! Wow! You're amazing.

Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Oh, your kids look so cute! I can't believe that Phoenix is 6! I remember going to your apartment for his 1 year birthday party.