Monday, June 8, 2009

We made it!


We made it! Just barely, but we made it. Tam has managed to hold baby Bridger in despite all the stress and discomfort she has been going through. The long ride to Tulsa and the next couple of days of serious unpacking have been very rough! But she did it.

The kids did a fantastic job too. They were incredible on the trip. Phoenix and I sang lots of primary songs and swapped manly stories and the next morning... you guessed it we made waffles! (not really) The Hollowbrook ward did a fantastic job of welcoming us in. We had a lot of people show up and help unload the U-haul. I was amazed! The piano was a lot easier. Of course we had more hands than were necessary and we didn't have to go up two or three floors.

We'll post pictures of the house as soon as we're done with it. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the renovators had done such a fine job that they even took out the phone jacks from the walls. That was a wonderful detail that escaped our fine tooth combing of the house. No one caught that. I mean no one. Not me, not my realtor, not my seller, not my inspector, not anyone. Anyway I quickly learned how to install phone jacks.

I mowed the lawn. It looks great. However our backyard has a bunch of dandelions that the kids love to pick the seeds and blow them all over the place. They also grow beautiful sunflowers. However, in the back of my mind I just can't stop thinking...THEY ARE WEEDS! THEY MUST GO!!! AHHHHHHH! So I've been perusing the internet trying to figure out how best to get rid of them. The best suggestion so far has been to rip them up from the ground by their roots. Let me tell you, those roots are deep and strong and don't want to come out. My hands ache. Tomorrow I'm buying a little spade to help me get the roots, while Phoenix will kindly spray me with his new water hose.

Other news...Sequoia's new room is ultra cute and very befitting for our little princess. Phoenix's room is looking good too. The parent's have no idea what to do with their room and are waiting until they have some money. HAHAHAHAHA...waiting until we have some money...get it? (Tears are streaming from my eyes right now) money...hahaha.

I'm reminded of a picture at my sister's wedding. Both my dad and my sister's father-in-law are showing their inside out pockets, emphasizing how broke they are. Well just put me and Tam in that spot. That's us.

Well enough of our woes. We're all excited to be here yet sad to have left Galveston. We've enjoyed owning a home for a whole week. We might say something different after our first mortgage payment. We'll see. you later.


Stephanie said...

I'm glad to hear that you made it safely!! And so relieved that Tamara did not go into labor while driving!!! :) She's a trooper. Best of luck during some stressful, but exciting moments. We miss you guys!

Robin Conner said...

Glad you made it, and Tamara didn't pop yet! Now, hopefully she can just relax!
And about the dandelions: The spade is a HUGE life saver. That was one of my main chores growing up was getting them out "BY THE ROOT!" My mom was so anal about that! Just put the spade in about an inch or two away from the weed, stick it in far, bend it back to loosen the weed, and it should pull up really easy! I'm a dandelion pulling pro, if you couldn't tell! Good luck in your new place! Sounds like the ward is great! We'll be excited to hear when you have the baby! Good luck!

Beth said...

Yay for home ownership! I hope your mortgage is better than mine! And at least you don't have to do your student loans yet...

I want pictures! Maybe we'll finally post picturees about my house eventually. You go first.

I still plan on coming July 19-25th to keep Phoenix and Sequoia busy so Tam can take a break. And I want to do your hair and anyone else's too.