Thursday, May 14, 2009

Remembering Galveston

We decided we wanted to remember a few of our favorite places in Galveston. So here we are at some of our favorite Galveston hot spots.
Phoenix really loves the beach. I'm pretty sure he would live there if we let him.
Our favorite spot on the seawall.
The Rosenberg library. We haven't enjoyed it as much since the hurricane but we still have a lot of fun memories there.
A rare shot of Sequoia posing for the camera. I really love this one. This was taken on the Strand. Again we haven't gone as much since the hurricane, especially since our favoirte candy shop is closed. We still like to go for the scenery though.

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Beth said...

WOW! You have lived there for four years. How many times have I visited you there? NONE!! What a crummy sibling eh? Either way I am coming in July so I'll at least get to see a real house (mymy aren't you grown up!) and not one, not two, but THREE little ones!!