Saturday, June 20, 2009

Graduation Day

We really enjoyed Dave's graduation. He really earned it! Two weeks before he graduated he gets a phone call saying he won't be able to graduate until the end of June, the reason being that they had been counting a class he never took during the hurricane. Somehow they caught the error two weeks before graduating which put us in a real pickle. Luckily Dave was able to complete a different rotation that had been interrupted by the hurricane. The last two weeks before graduting he worked two rotations. One during the day and one at night. He never slept! Needless to say he really earned this graduation. We are all so proud of him and his efforts not only as a medical student but as a husband and father. I know I don't thank him enough for his tireless efforts but I really do appreciate all he does for me and the kids!
Our last moments before setting off to Tulsa. Here we are in our bare apartment for the very last time.
So these pictures are backwards. This was taken at BJ's restaurant after graduation with my sister Andrea, her husband Malachi, and their very cute brand new baby, Bella.
My mom and dad with us.
Dave's mom and dad.
Phoenix, are you going to be a doctor too? No I'm gonna be a fire fighter!

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Mike and Andrea McEntire said...

Looks like you guys are doing well in Tulsa. I love your, "No this is not the elephant exhibit," comment. Bless your heart, you look beautiful! :)