Friday, November 14, 2008


Having weaned Sequoia after nursing her for over a year, I was excited to get my body back to myself again. I started working out again and started eating healthier. Things were actually sort of easy with a one year old and three year old. I might also add that with my new diet I was faithful about taking my vitamins and birth control every morning. Then on Saturday I realized I was a couple days late, not too much to worry about right? By Monday I bought a test. I really didn't think anything would come of it. Dave and I weren't planning on having another critter for a few years, and I had been very diligent in taking my birth control. Test number one results: positive. Well obvioulsy that can't be right. Test number two results: still positive. Now wait a minute. Can I take this back? This can't be right. Well, I am (gulp) happy to say that yes we are expecting Grantham kid number three. Dave was thrilled, and if I didn't have three months of nausea ahead of me I would be ecstatic also. I am pleasantly surprised and I am sure Heavenly Father knew I needed another little blessing in my life. I'm putting my sister Andrea's baby ticker with mine because we're actually only about ten weeks apart. I'm really excited about that. It'll be fun to have kids so close in age. Possible baby names so far: Sur Prise, Acci Dent, and Oops!


Mannclan02 said...

Yeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhh! Okay, so with the baby names you suggested, maybe I shouldn't be as excited, but I am! I sure hope that you don't have your typical sickness for the first part. Can I suggest a name? Pro Tection . . . Just teasing, LOVE you guys! I'll call ya soon.

Stephanie said...

Congrats! That is too exciting...even if it is a surprise.

Conner Clan said...

That is so funny! Congrats, and good luck on the next 3 months. They are agony, I too suffer with it, but eventually it does pass, even though it feels like an eternity! Isn't it amazing how birth control doesn't work when Heavenly Father wants you to have another one? Happened here too! :) Good luck and congrats! I'm happy for you guys! When I saw the other baby ticker at first I freaked saying "Andrea McEntire" is pregnant? Then I read it was your sister! That will be fun to have cousins so close! :)