Monday, November 17, 2008

Shoes, shoes, shoes, and more shoes!

So...for a long time 'Quoia wouldn't wear shoes because she didn't see any need to strap leather to her feet to protect them since she didn't even walk on her feet. (If we could find something to strap to her bottom on the other hand...that might be helpful.) However, one day Tam, decided to strap shoes on her and force her to wear them. Whatever happened, you can definitely tell that 'Quoia has taken a liking to her shoes. She now scoots up to us demanding that we put shoes on her feet. Normally she demands we put her own shoes on her feet and they don't match. Today though, she demanded that I put on her feet shoes and shoes and shoes, and then...more shoes. Here is a picture.
First of all she is actually wearing two of her own shoes in this picture. She's also wearing Phoenix's sock on her right hand/arm along with one of his shoes. On her left foot she has one of her shoes on and Phoenix's sandal. And while I don't have a picture of it, she is currently wearing Tam's red and black leather shoes. She's sporting one of them over her sandal on her right foot. For such an anti-leather-wearing-gal, she sure has changed!

The following pictures show just how crazy she's gotten.

This is actually her arm!

Phoenix's sandal over one of her own shoes! It's shoes madness. I just can't wait until she starts explaining to me how she has no shoes to wear with any of her outfits. I'm practicing my eye rolls already for that big day. Many people tell me just how much of a boy Phoenix is, but 'Quoia is definitely all girl. I wish all of you could hear her stomping around in her shoes right now. It's cute.

Oh dear, what's a dad to do...

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