Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So here it is! I've finally got our halloween pictures up. Phoenix had decided last year that he wanted to be a firefighter for halloween. You'll see him as a firefighter in the three pictures on the bottom from the ward party. I bought him a pirate costume to wear to the Rennaissance festival, so on halloween he switched from firefighter to pirate.
Arrgh! Phoenix and Carter raiding for some treasure! Dave taught Phoenix to say, "Gimme treasure!" instead of "trick or treat" so when they gave him candy instead of treasure we had to explain that Daddy was just kidding.

One of our only shots with Sequoia actually wearing her hood. She was little red riding hood but not for long!

Here's firefighter Phoenix.

Here we are at the ward party. Congrats to Dave who performed his first magic show at the ward party. And congrats to Sequoia who won the cutest baby costume award.

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