Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Handsome

Dave turned the big 31 on the third. His birthday went tons better than mine. We went out to eat at the Five and Diner. It's one of those fifties style diners with the juke boxes and such. We had a coupon for a buy one meal get one free. Plus it was on Wednesday night which is kids eat free night, plus Dave got a free sundae for his birthday. In all we only had to pay for one meal. This must be Dave's lucky year. I got him a new game for the Wii and we had birthday cookie afterwards. Phoenix and Sequoia helped me decorate the cookie. After we put the blue icing on the cookie I let Phoenix and Sequoia have the left-over icing which was almost a whole tube of icing. When it came time to actually eat the cookie, Phoenix informed me that he wanted a piece with absolutley NO blue icing.
In other news, we got a new car. It's a 2001 Toyota Corolla. We're hoping to keep this one. I'm tempted to put a sign in the rear window, "You touch, we shoot." That kind of thing. "You steal, we kill." Okay, maybe it's a bit violent and mean spirited, but really, one thing I've learned from this car theft ordeal is that stealing is bad and mean and ugly and there is a reason it was included in the 10 commandments. It also makes me a lot more sensitive to those people who have lost a lot more than just an old junk car; like all our friends in the hurricane and more recently all the people in Haiti. In the end though, I am very grateful it was just a car stolen because cars can be replaced.
And lastly, happy birthday Dad! My dad's birthday is today. Way to go on the big 60!


Briana said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Dave!

Cassidy said...

Happy Birthday Dave!!!
YAY for new cars!!!
I'm missing you guys!

Beth said...

I still think our new car is cooler. No one can beat a cozy coupe. America's best selling car and all.. HaHa... I'm glad his birthday was good!