Saturday, January 30, 2010

(Happy) 28th

I will warn all my readers, this is not really a happy post, so if you are in to only reading about happy birthdays, this ain't one of 'em.
The morning of my 28th birthday started out pretty normal, with Dave rushing into the bedroom at 4:40 a.m. with the news, "Tam, I think my car was stolen!" Rational people usually aren't rational at this time of day, but I did hop out of bed really fast. It's actually a lot harder to misplace a car than you would think. Sure we've misplaced keys plenty of times, but cars tend to stick out a bit more than keys do. So yes, our car got stolen on my birthday. Which really didn't start the day off well. Calling the cops and filling out stolen car reports and all that just isn't so much fun.
Looking on the bright side though, at least it was our old Civic and not the new car. We are all healthy and happy and cars can be replaced. And I will always have an awesome story to tell about my 28th birthday.
I am writing this almost a week after my birthday and the car still hasn't turned up. We did just have a really cool ice and snow storm so we're hoping the idiot who stole the car will slip off the road and bite it. I am also posting some pictures from our ice storm. It turned out to be very beautiful, the power never went out so we got to enjoy it without being in the freezing cold.


Cassidy said...

Oh so sad!!! Hopefully you had good insurance and can now get a "new" car. I'm secretly hoping that happens to ours. . . . hahaha. I'm sorry chica! If I lived next to you I'd take you out for dessert. Love you!

Briana said...

Wish your birthday would have been a little less eventful! I'm sure that's not what you had hoped for by having some excitement on your big day! Hopefully good things will come of it!