Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Q-Bear is 2

Wow, I can't believe my big girl is 2! She has really grown so fast! She is such a sweetie and my big helper now that Phoenix is in school. She's such a smart girl too. I am really surprised at the sentences she can put together. This morning she said, "I love Daddy a lot also." Can you say that twice? Yep, she said it twice. Glad she loves her Daddy, 'cuz she is a big time Daddy's girl. And she is officially two now although she's been acting like a two year old for awhile now. Here are a few pictures from her birthday party. We're having a bigger party this weekend, (how is it that kids always get like three birthday paries?) Don't look too closely at the cake. It's a soda cake. I used 1 1/2 cups Diet 7up instead of eggs and oil. It tasted great and it was really light and fluffy. Unfortunately, it doesn't hold up to icing very well and had a bit of a cave in, but who cares right? It's the taste that counts anyway.
Word up. I love this one, my little gangster baby.

She got some night clothes and some new skorts. She'll get the rest of the goodies this weekend.
Phoenix was only too happy to help with the unwrapping!

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Cassidy said...

Wow. I can't believe she's two!! Happy Birthday Seqoia!! I've never heard of a soda cake. YUM!