Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We're Back!

Here's our little family at Grandma's house.
Big time Daddy's girl.

It was very cold!

Here were are in a little Bavarian town called Levensworth.
They had a great hill for sledding.

We are finally home from Washington! We had a fun time enjoying the snow. We went sledding which was Phoenix's favorite. We had a great Christmas. We got to spend it with Dave's family which is sometimes hard to do since they live so far away. When we got home our computer had apparently crashed, it would't turn on. I'll blame the lack of posting on that; ) Thankfully my parents had an old computer they wanted to give away so we are using it now. We also had Christmas with my parents this past weekend at my sister Andrea's house. Phoenix got a new garbage truch which he absolutely loves and won't let out of his sight. Sequoia got a new baby doll. She likes to play mommy. She makes me change the diaper and wipe its bum with her wipees. It was kinda fun to have two Christmases. I'm sure Phoenix will expect two Christmases next year which probably isn't likely to happen. He'll someday figure it out that there is only one Christmas per year.

In other news, I had a doctor's appointment today and according to my ultrasound I am two weeks farther along than expected. That puts my due date at July 2. I'm super happy about that. Especially since my nausea seems to be letting up. I already changed the little baby on the baby ticker.

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