Monday, August 11, 2008

Close Call

So I just had one of the worst scares of my life. If anyone wants an excuse to have a messy kids' room, here's a good reason for it. I was in the kitchen making dinner when Dave got home. Phoenix went to his room to find a ball and a few minutes later we hear a loud crash and screaming. When I get to his room I find Phoenix's brand new five drawer dresser laying flat on the ground. Phoenix is nowhere in sight. I panic. I can't see Phoenix at all but I definitely know from the screams that he is laying underneath the dresser. Dave and I pull the dresser off. Of course Phoenix is screaming like crazy. Dave checks him out head to toe and all we find are a few cuts and scrapes. Phoenix eventually calms down and asks to play with his dump truck. So five minutes after the whole ordeal Phoenix is happily throwing blocks in his dump truck. As I was sitting in the room with him I notice that a big green block box and some other clutter had been right beside Phoenix when the dresser fell, so I imagine the box and clutter had kept the dresser propped up just enough to not entirely crush Phoenix. Can I just say that I know Heavenly Father was watching out for my little red head. It was a very close call. I was about to sue IKEA (we bought our dresser there) but Dave said the dresser actually came with a band that hooks to the wall, he just hadn't put it on yet. Yes he's attaching it right now. I'm pretty sure Phoenix was trying climb up the dresser when it all happened. Anyway, here's one good reason to keep your kid's room messy.

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Conner Clan said...

Oh my goodness Tamara! That is soooo scary! Thankgoodness there was stuff to stop the fall. We had a similar scare as well, and now we anchor all our bookshelves and dressers! When Ashton was 1 1/2 he climbed inside our grandfather clock and the whole thing tipped on him, but the door was open and caught the fall, busted the clock, but all Ashton got was a few stitches thank heavens! Other than that, I hope you're doing well! :)