Monday, August 23, 2010

Kindergarten, here we come!

Phoenix was so excited for his first day of kindergarten. You'll have to look at these pics. starting from the bottom up, otherwise they're backwards.
We took a camping trip after Phoenix's first day of school.
Sequoia was stylin' in her bunny towel and paint rollers, luckily she isn't in school yet.
Phoenix and his teacher, Mrs. Federline.

It was pretty awesome that Daddy got to be off work for Phoenix's first day of kindergarten. Here's a picture of Dad and the boys.


Anonymous said...

That looks like everyone had fun! I cant believe Phoenix is in kindergarten! That was awesome that Dave was off!! Where did yall go camping?

Briana said...

WOW, Phoenix... such a big boy now!!

Love Le said...

Sweet! I love it! I miss those first day things I got to do with my kids before going into the workforce. But working is keeping me from being a HUGE CryBaby about Jeffery having his last first day of school!!!