Friday, June 25, 2010

Time Flies

So today I realized I am not really a "young" mom anymore. I guess you could call me a "school-aged mom". Meaning my kids (at least one of them) are of school age. I also realized that things that used to really stress me out about being a mom are now just common place. Take last night for example; Bridger woke up areound 3:30 a.m. with diahrrea in his diaper and a huge nasty rash. I got him cleaned up and put to bed. While washing my hands after the ordeal I realized that the whole process just seemed normal, no big deal, commonplace, ordinary. Back in the day, when Phoenix was Bridger's age, I probably would have felt stressed, overwhelmed, why me? type of attitude. But now, I just feel like it's all part of being a mommy. I think being a mom has taught me more than anything else has in my life, to be patient, loving, kind, and most of all to endure. Heavenly Father has blessed me with a loving husband and three beautiful children and I can never thank Him enough for it. And yes I still do get stressed out with mommying, but I've had to learn to endure. Having Dave working 80+ hours a week, I've had to learn to do everything on my on. I used to wait for him to get home to take my break, let him fix it/deal with whatever drama is going on with the kids. Now, I have to find a way to get a break without him. Don't get me wrong, he still helps when he can, but I can't always count on hime being here when I need him.
I was reading in my journal the other night from a few years ago. Dave was going to be on call at the hospital overnight and I was so nervous about speding the night alone. Now, I do it all the time without even thinking about it. I think whatever situation we're put we just find a way to adapt. I used to get really nervous about the future, wondering how I would survive with three little kids and a husband hardly ever around, but now I realize that we can, with the help of our Heavenly Father, find a way to do it and do it well.


Stephanie said...

Tamara! I'm sorry we missed you while you were here. Cassidy had mentioned that you were coming, but I didn't realize it was a day or two later. Hope your mom is doing well and continues to perservere. And it's so true what you just learn to adapt huh cuz you have to. I feel like I have been doing so much adapting that I am pretty much numb emotionally. :) Is that possible?

Stormie said...

I enjoyed reading this. I think I'm at the place you described in your journal. Jer's first night thing is this Thursday and I'm a little nervous. But it's nice to hear that you can adapt and learn to rely on the Lord. I hope I turn out as well as you!