Monday, April 5, 2010

Phoenix is five and a whole lot more

There are several big news items circulating in the Grantham family. First, Phoenix turned five on Easter, Bridger turned 9 months, we went to visit Nick and Ilana in Lawton, and we celebrated Easter. All this happening around the same time.
To start, Phoenix turned five. I know, it seems like I just had him. Crazy how time flies. His birthday was on Easter which was fun. I think it confused Sequoia though because she got a easter basket just like Phoenix did on Easter morning but when it came time to open presents I think she thought she was supposed to open presents too. She really enjoyed her chocolate though so I'm sure that helpled ease the pain. Speaking of chocolate, chocolate easter bunnies and birthday cake can make for some cranky kids.
We spent Easter at Nick and Ilana's house. Ilana is David's sister. They are only 3 hours away so we decided to spend Easter/conference/and Phoenix and Nick's birthday's together. Nick's birthday is on the 10th. We had a great time, the weather was beautiful. I think the best way to spend birthdays is with the family.

Playing at the park near Nick and Ilana's.
Nick lights the candles on his and Phoenix's cake. Phoenix thinks his Uncle Nick is the coolest because he's a real army man.

Bridger turned nine months on the 29th.
Easter morning, and yes my kids posed themselves.
Bridger really wanted Sequoia's easter eggs.

Dave got a little carried away with swinging. Sequoia nearly fell out.
Opening birthday gifts.
Deneka and Briger, first cousins, 5 months apart. Aren't they cute?


Stormie said...

Happy Birthday Phoenix! Fun to hear from you guys!

Stormie said...

P.S. Bridger's getting big!

Cassidy said...

Happy Birthday Phoenix. I'm glad you had a fun weekend!! Visiting family is always fun.

Anonymous said...

love it! Thanks for coming down!! We will have to come and see yall, we need to get out of Lawton!!