Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

What a surpise this year to wake up to a white Chrismas! This never happened in Texas. We got about 8 inches. It was a lot of fun but very cold.
We've found out that the naughty list was an excellent motivator to get Phoenix to behave. When he woke up on Christmas morning he still wasn't sure if he was on the naughty list or not. The first thing he said was, "Oh Santa did bring us presents!" Yes there was just a bit of doubt as to wether he was actually getting presents or not. But he did get presents and lots of them, as did Sequoia and Bridger. This year Phoenix got a bike, blocks, dart gun from Angie and Malachi, firetruck from Mamu and Paw-Paw, a lego helicopter from Kati, and an army helicopter from Uncle Josh. Sequoia got a farm, a dress from Uncle Josh, a cozy coupe from Mamu and Paw-Paw, a ball, pink boots from Angie and Malachi and a shopping cart from Kati. Bridger got a rattle, a piano from Kati, a dump truck, and a Bumbo seat from Mamu and Paw-Paw. And for the cherry on top they all got $50 gift cards from Grams.
Sequoia strutting her stuff in her new dress.

This is what we woke up to on Christmas morning.

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Briana said...

We wish we had gotten enough snow to play in!! Maybe next year! Glad you guys had a great Christmas. We love ya.