Sunday, November 1, 2009


On halloween day we decided to drive out to the Will Rogers birth place, about 45 minutes out of Tulsa. You can see in the pictures the kids most favorite activity. That's right, sliding down the cellar doors like a slide. We also saw several miniature goats and donkeys, and a reallly mean dog that snapped at Sequoia. I think it actually bit her but not enough to leave a big mark. Bad doggie; we told him to go to time out. It was a beautifl old farm house right on a huge lake, Lake Oologah. On halloween night we went trick or treating with some friends in a very nice neighborhood. Some homes gave out whole candy bars. Phoenix wanted to be an army man, like Uncle Nick and Uncle Spencer. He played the part too, shooting pretend bad guys with his nerf gun. It was a beautiful evening for halloween.


PawPaw and Mamu said...

What a cute cowgirl. Grandmama Mille would be thrilled,(and probably teach her how to milk the goat Bridger's looking at.)Cute army man too!

Cassidy said...

HOW FUN!!!!! Happy Halloween!! We're missing you! Carter told me the other day that he wanted Neenix (hahaha) to come over and play.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like it would have been neat to see!! Nick thought it was AWESOME that Phoenix wanted to be an Army man, he is a proud uncle thats for sure!! We hope yall are doing good!! Cant wait to see yall again!!