Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blue Star and Three Months

Just reporting on the latest. So in Phoenix's class at school he earns a star everyday based on his behavior. Green stars mean you had a great day, yellow is an ok day and red, well you can guess. But the very rare blue star means you went above and beyond and did your very best. Phoenix earned his first blue star on Monday and was very proud, he also got a "G.I. Joe" (a cowboy) from his teacher. You can probably see how excited he was in his pictures. We are very proud of Phoenix for doing so well in school.

In other news, Bridger turned three months on the 29th and has become very good at smiling. He is also very good at growing, just check out those cheeks!


Cassidy said...

I can't believe Bridger is already 3 months! He is definetly looks like one of your kids!

The Granthams said...

He most definitely is. I thought he looked a lot like Phoenix today when I saw him cuz I got to come home early! WOOHOO!