Sunday, July 26, 2009

Angels from Nashville

Beth and Randy, you guys are awesome! Dave's sister Beth and her husband Randy drove all the way from Nashville to cook meals, clean the house, do laundry, and most importantly, keep me company while Dave works his 80 hour week. I seriously would have gone out of my mind if I had to spend another week homebound. Thanks ya'll! You really are true lifesavers.
Baby Rowan, isn't he a cutie!
Four kids in the tub.
Sequoia, Phoenix, and cousin Mikayla.
Phoenix showing his muscles and Mikayla doing a princess pose. Don't forget Rowan and Quoia. Aunt Mavy also came to visit.


Brooke said...

It is so fun to have family visit, especially cousins for the kids.
Congratulations on your new little guy. You have a beautiful family.

Beth said...


I do hope that you won't have to return the favor for sometime... Until Christmas (tomorrow of course!)