Monday, April 13, 2009


Just wanted to post a few pictures from our ward Easter party. The kids racked up on the Easter candy. Phoenix finally understands the dynamics of the easter egg hunt while Sequoia would pick up an egg, sit down, open it, eat the candy, and then look for another egg. Luckily she was with the group of other little kids who understood the egg hunt just as well as she did. Needless to say, Phoenix ended the day with a lot more candy than her. Luckily neither one of them noticed when mommy mysteriously disposed of the candy the next morning. This first picture if from Easter morning, the rest are of the ward party.

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Beth said...

I know this is wrong-but I am happy to see that your cute daughter is as bald as Mikayla was at that age! She is adorable though, so don't worry! Happy Easter!