Thursday, February 12, 2009

Six thirty! C'mon!

So this morning...

Sequoia decided to wake up bright and early, and if I remember correctly, before the sun even woke up. At around 6:30 AM she let it be known that she was awake and that she wanted her parental transport to the parent's room. Tam and I quickly drew straws and I drew the shortest one. I seem to be drawing that one a lot lately (not really). Anyway Tam and I welcomed our new guest in the bed who promptly did not go back to sleep and that was the end of our beauty sleep.

So this evening...
Tired and a little irritated, I decided to confront my little girl about this waking up business.

I said, "Sequoia what's up this waking up at 6:30 in the morning? Do we need to have a chat about this?"

Sequoia leaned over from her mother's lap and whispered loudly and succinctly, "No."

And that my good friends was the end of that conversation. My little girl has officially taken over the household! I thought teenagers were going to be hard, but I had no idea, evidently. It was the cutest "no" I've ever seen.


Briana said...

You might want to check Quoia's finger, I think she's got something wrapped around it. P.S. You mean to tell me your kids sleep past 6:30 normally?

The Granthams said...

Oh yeah. Typically they sleep to 7:00 when the sun's a little higher. However, maybe they sleep less because the day's are getting longer. Oh boy.